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  • 1 on 1 Training
  • Patient and Friendly professional service
  • Customised to suit you

Need help using your technology?

Whether it's getting started with a new Tablet or Mobile Phone or how to use Windows 10 effectively, we are happy to help.

We know how frustrating computer technology can be the first time you hit a brick wall. You know it can be done - just how.

This is where sitting down with a patient IT expert for an hour or so can accelerate your learning  and you will come away with the confidence to do new things with your technology.

Things We Cover

Some of our customers have hardly used a computer and some have years of experience.

It's difficult to predict what skills our customers require assistance with. Sometimes it's just basic introduction to how to use Video Conferencing like Skype or an introduction to how to use FaceBook.  More advanced skills might include managing photos and sharing them with people.

Examples of training we have covered include:

  • Setting up and new a Smartphone or Tablet
  • How to use Skype to talk to your family
  • Connecting a wireless printer.
  • Using Email
  • Setting up a new Windows 10 computer how you like it.
  • Importing and exporting photos.
  • Using cloud services like Dropbox, Onedrive or Office 365

Shop or Home Visit

If you are unable to make it into our store, you can call us on 02392 368007 and as long as you are within our area.  we can come to you. Sometimes it's better at your home or office because of printer and Internet connections. Sometimes it's better at our office. You choose.

Areas we cover

  • Hayling Island
  • Emsworth
  • Havant
  • Portsmouth

Free Assessment

We suggest you come in before training and we can run through your requirements properly. If it's not something we know or do regularly we may need to find out more about what you need.

Also, it's a good idea to think about your objectives. We may know another way of doing something. Also, a little good advice can save you time and money.


We charge £40 per hour for 1:1 tuition either at our  office or in the comfort of your home or office (As long as you are Hayling Island).

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You are a real help. i know that I can rely on you to help when I get into difficulty.
E. NorthneyAndy
Many thanks for your help and expertise and solving my Skype problem
Leo. South HaylingAndy