Master Skype on a Tablet or SmartPhone – For complete beginners


This course is designed for complete beginners to tablets and smartphones.

  • 2 x 1 hour lessons
  • Includes 1 month support.

Why Choose to learn Skype first?

  • Skype is a great way to keep in touch with the family.
  • It’s fairly easy to learn.
  • There are only a 2-3 buttons you need to use.
  • Tablets and Skype are very hard to break (In theory)

What the course Includes

  • How to use a tablet / smartphone
  • How start and use Skype
  • Adding friends/family to Skype
  • Making and receiving voice and video calls
  • Using Skype Instant Messages to chat
  • What to do when things go wrong.
  • We provide written instructions for when you get home and on-line help.

What You Need

  • Ask your contacts for their Skype ID’s and email addresses beforehand.
  • We provide a tablet during the lesson if you do not yet have one but it’s a good idea to buy your own tablet or smartphone – we can help you with buying a device. All the work you do will be saved in the cloud so you can use any device you like (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Lenovo etc.)

What we do

  • Our experts will set up all your Skype security
  • We set-up your new tablet if not done already
  • We set-up a Google email account for Skype registration
  • Install Skype


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