Malware Removal


Do you think your computer has caught some Spyware or even a Virus. These types of software are grouped under the term “Malware” – software that is bad.

Common symptoms your computer has been infected by Malware:

  • Computer is running slowly / taking a long time to start
  • Adverts appearing from no-where
  • Keyboard or mouse not responding properly
  • Your web browser does not show the normal start page and searching on the internet displays weird pages

As long as your computer has not been infected too badly this generally resolves the problems and you up and running again.

What we do


We make a backup copy of all your important files first. This is vitally important because removing malware can also make your computer fail so we need to be able to restore the computer in this event. It’s one reason you should entrust malware removal to an expert rather than attempt it yourself – you could get in worse trouble. If you like we can make this backup to your backup device if you have an external hard drive.


We then use tools to remove the Malware.  This involves multiple scans looking for different types of malware.

How long does it take?

Expect your computer to be with us 2-3 days at least. The backups and scans can take hours to run.

What next?

You will need to drop your computer into our shop. We can also come and collect if this is more convenient. As long as you are on Hayling Island this is free.


Payment is in advance. You can buy this service now online online or on arrival with your equipment.

No Fix – No Fee Guarantee

If we are unable to repair your computer we return the computer in the state your brought it in to us and refund your money. This is very unusual – but sometimes happens if the infection is so bad it has caused problems with the computer hardware which cannot be repaired.




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