Computer Malware Removal

Product Description

Do you think your computer has caught some Spyware or even a Virus. These types of software are grouped under the term “Malware” – software that is bad.

Common symptoms

It’s not always obvious you have caught some malware, since the people who write this software are often very clever. If you are lucky, your Anti-Virus software will warn you that you have been infected, but not always.

Common symptoms your computer has been infected by Malware:

  • Computer is running slowly / taking a long time to start
  • Adverts appearing from no-where
  • Keyboard or mouse not responding properly
  • Your web browser does not show the normal start page and searching on the internet displays weird pages

What we can provide

We offer 2 solutions to remove Malware. We can advise you which solution we think is required by first running a Malware Diagnosis. We charge £30 for this service which is refundable against the removal methods below if you decided to go ahead with our cleaning service.

  1. Basic Removal –  1-2 days to carry out
    As long as your computer has not been infected too badly this generally resolves the problems and you up and running again.
    We make a backup copy of all your important files and then use tools to remove the Malware.
  2. Complete Computer Rebuild – 4-5 days to carry out.
    This option is required for particularly bad infections, infections which are difficult to remove, or infections that cause extensive damage to the computer files.
    We perform a double backup of all your important files (Documents, Pictures etc).
    We then wipe your computer, and re-install everything from scratch including the Windows Operating System , Programs and your files. This ensures that the there are no remnants of the Malware on the computer.
    If you want better peace of mind we do recommend this solution but it requires a lot more effort both on our part, and sometimes on your part  (to find the DVD’s of all your software, re-enter all your passwords, set-up your programs etc). We work with you to try and get the computer in the same state as before, but it won’t be 100% the same. However it does mean that you have a very clean computer that will run as fast as possible (The rebuild removes all the garbage accumulated over the years).