Choosing a local IT Support company

Computer are great until they go wrong. Who do you choose to help you?

Here are some questions you should ask yourself when choosing an IT support company.

Web Site

Do they understand modern technology? Is their web site modern and works on your mobile phone as well as your desktop? Web sites that adapt to your mobile phone are called “responsive” and it indicatesĀ that the company understand modern technology.

If they don’t have a web site at-all, then ignore them straight away. They are not up-to-date.


Is their web site secure (Does it have the green padlock sign)? If not, ignore them straight away. If they cannot invest a small amount of money making sure their customers are secure how on earth can they deal with more complex security issues?

Data Safety

Do they guarantee that they will backup your computer before they carry out work on your valuable files? We have heard so many horror stories of computers going in for repair to return with all the files missing when they come back.

Make your choice

Here is a google list of IT Support companies on Hayling Island – we leaveĀ it up to you to decide which companies know what they are doing.