Test Your Broadband Speed

Which.co.uk broadband speed test results for a 200 mbps Virginmedia Fibre Optic line on Hayling Island

Slow Internet Connection?

Which.co.uk have a broadband speed check that might help you diagnose why your Internet Connection seems slow.

Just head over to this this site and click on Start Test:


Things to note:

  • Your computer may not be able to reach the maximum speed. Each generation of computer equipment has certain limits on how fast it can “talk” to the Internet and older computer may be limited to a maximum of 10 or 100 Mbps for instance.
  • There may be other things going on in the background on your computer that will reduce the speed of the Internet connection.
  • If you are using a Wireless (WiFi) connection the distance from the router can make a huge difference.


The best way to really know is to give us a ring and ask us to carry out a proper survey for you.

My computer won’t connect to the Internet

If your iPad or computer has been fine then suddenly displays a message saying it cannot connect to the Internet here is a quick fix.

Check Your Router

Your router is the device supplied by your Internet Provider (Sky, Virgin, BT, TalkTalk etc).

Here are a couple of examples:

BT Home_Hub_4
BT Home_Hub_4
Virgin Superhub
Virgin Superhub

Power Off / Wait / Power On

All routers have different lights and we could list them all but the simple approach is the best.

There should be a power switch on the router. Press the switch to switch off the router. Wait 5 minutes. Press the button again. Wait 10 minutes for the router to start up.

Then try your Internet again. Often this fixes the problem.

Although it’s a simple fix we are not sure why this seems to be required so often.

Things to check

  • Overheating
    Make sure there is adequate ventilation around the hub .
  • Firmware Update
    This is a technical solution – can be done normally via the Admin Control Panel.
  • Limit Connections
    Maybe too much traffic.
  • Faulty Router
    It happens in which case get a replacement from your ISP (Internet Service Provider).