How to copy photos from your Android Phone to your computer

A modern android phone has a fantastic camera – but how do you get the photos onto your Windows laptop or desktop computer?

Here are a few ways:

  • Email the Photos to yourself,
  • Share the photos via Google Drive,
  • Transfer via a USB cable

The best way depends on how many photos you want to transfer and what other technology you already understand.

1. Email the photos to yourself

As long as you have email working on your phone and your computer this is a very simple method.
On your phone, open the Photo Gallery app, locate the photo and click the share icon and send via email. This works well if you only have a few photos to transfer but will be a lot of work for dozens or hundreds of photos.

2. Share the photos via Google Drive

If you know how Google Drive works on your computer when this is also a very simple way to copy a few photos from your phone to your computer.

On your phone, open the Photo Gallery app, locate the photo and click the share icon and select google drive. Then login to google drive on your computer and after a few minutes the photos should appear.

3. Transfer via a USB cable

This is a slightly more complicated method but is the easiest way to transfer a large amount of photos.

Plug a USB cable into your phone and computer. At this point the phone uses the cable for charging. You need to tell the phone to also use the cable for file transfers. You might need to login to the phone once plugged in and swipe down from the top left to see notifications and look out for “USB for changing”. Touch the notification and choose “File Transfers”. The phone then appears as a device/drive on your computer. You can then copy/move the photos to you computer.

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