My computer won’t connect to the Internet

If your iPad or computer has been fine then suddenly displays a message saying it cannot connect to the Internet here is a quick fix.

Check Your Router

Your router is the device supplied by your Internet Provider (Sky, Virgin, BT, TalkTalk etc).

Here are a couple of examples:

BT Home_Hub_4
BT Home_Hub_4
Virgin Superhub
Virgin Superhub

Power Off / Wait / Power On

All routers have different lights and we could list them all but the simple approach is the best.

There should be a power switch on the router. Press the switch to switch off the router. Wait 5 minutes. Press the button again. Wait 10 minutes for the router to start up.

Then try your Internet again. Often this fixes the problem.

Although it’s a simple fix we are not sure why this seems to be required so often.

Things to check

  • Overheating
    Make sure there is adequate ventilation around the hub .
  • Firmware Update
    This is a technical solution – can be done normally via the Admin Control Panel.
  • Limit Connections
    Maybe too much traffic.
  • Faulty Router
    It happens in which case get a replacement from your ISP (Internet Service Provider).


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